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   Thermo-Lift Weight Management Products:
    Capsules, meal replacements, body gels and more for complete fat loss.
   Skin & Body
    Defeat wrinkles and other signs of aging with the latest in skin care.
   Super Antioxidants
    The best antioxidant supplements for prevention, performance and anti-aging.
   Natural Defense & Healing
    Noni, Aloe and Soy products for advanced healing and protection against illness.
   Focused Nutritional Solutions
    Improve memory, sleep, mobility and more with these specialized supplements.
   Vitamin & Minerals:

Power Nutrient Plus

    Advanced daily nutrition for optimal health, performance and longevity.
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Power Nutrient Plus™
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powernut-plus.jpg (10826 bytes)* Incredible colloidal vitamin & mineral drink with electrolytes and super ginseng for a real power boost! Phenomenal taste! Delicious on ice or with your favorite beverage.

* Use with Time Fighters for Men or Women for optimal daily nutrition.

* With 70 essential minerals and trace elements! And, 100% of 10 essential vitamins!!!

Power Nutrient Plus retains all the great features and benefits of Power Nutrient, but goes three steps further to address the needs of active individuals involved in working out for fitness, weight management, or both!

Because few individuals obtain enough nutrients for optimum health, Power Nutrient Plus provides 70 major and trace elements as well as 100% of 10 essential vitamins plus added niacin. And it does so in an easily and quickly assimilated liquid form, termed colloidal because of its innovative suspended mineral formulation.

Power Nutrient Plus has three distinct advantages over any vitamin & mineral drink product on the market. First, it's double strength. That means you can take half the amount as compared to Power Nutrient and travel with half the amount—and still obtain the same potent amount of vitamins and minerals.

Second, Power Nutrient Plus contains ginseng to replenish vital energy and increase strength and blood volume.* This added energy boost not only helps those on the go, but also is a genuine benefit to anyone wanting to lose weight.

Third, Power Nutrient Plus includes an electrolyte complex potassium, magnesium, and sodium to provide the edge active people require.

For general fitness or support while dieting, nourish, energize, and restore with Power Nutrient Plus!

Key Product Points:

  • 70 major and trace elements
  • 100% of 10 essential vitamins, plus added niacin
  • Concentrated for ease of use
  • Includes ginseng for an energy boost
  • Added electrolytes for workout support.

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Changes®, Twinlab® Advanced Vitamin & Mineral Supplements may be used daily and in conjunction for increased benefit:

Ultra Power Nutrient
    Delicous sparkling colloidal nutrient drink mix - just add to water or juice! Contains seventy absorbable colloidal minerals and trace elements. More than 98% absorbable.
Power Nutrient Plus
    Colloidal nutrient drink that provides 70 essential minerals and trace elements - with added electrolytes. Also provides 100% of 10 essential vitamins. Easily and quickly assimilated liquid form - delicous! Drink on ice or with your favorite beverage.
Time Fighters for Men
    Men's daily multi-vitamin, multi-antioxidant and multi-mineral supplements for optimal living and longevity
Time Fighters for Women
    Women's daily multi-vitamin, multi-antioxidant and multi-mineral supplements for optimal living and longevity
Best Friends for Kids
    Superior, safe chewable for kids
Pinna-Cal Super Calcium
    With 3 sources of calcium and components that enhance calcium absorption, it is the most effective bone protector available
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